3 Common Resolution Making Mistakes To Avoid

As a clinical dietitian, and online nutrition coach, I work with many clients this time of year on setting goals that stick. From a professional standpoint, nutrition is really a year-round thing!! It should be a lifestyle, not a stop...start....try something new and trendy...oh that didn’t work...start...stop sort of thing!!

A major part of my coaching sessions is to help people break through their thoughts on food and habits to build resolutions that stick! Here’s my top 3 tips on how to accomplish this!!

1. Be Specific-so you’d like to lose weight, or feel better, or drop somebody fat but you don’t set a specific goal. This will make it very hard to lay out a plan and succeed. Instead of “I plan to eat more healthy” change that to a specific goal like “I will eliminate sugar sweetened beverages for a minimum of 2 weeks”. After 2 weeks, we can evaluate and you’ll likely find you don’t even want the soda or sweet tea anymore!

2. Break It Down-some goals are easier to accomplish when you break them down into smaller increments. I recently helped a friend (see below!) hit a 93 pound weight loss, and we’re going for 120 pounds, but we broke that down in 10 to 15 pound increments and she was able to accomplish that in 11 months! So start with a small broken down goal. If your goal is to lose 50 pounds, start with five or 10 and then tackle the next!

3. Don’t Be A Perfectionist-did you know research actually shows the perfectionists are much less likely to actually keep their New Year’s resolutions?! Don’t over criticize yourself or your progress! You’re going to have a bad day here and there, you’re going to eat more cookies than you should, but as long as you remain consistent over time, you’ll still get the results you’re looking for!

Thanks for reading y’all and if you’d like to learn about working with me 1:1 to plan goals that will actually stick this year and stop the yo-yo, let’s chat! Fill out my coaching application to see if you’re a good fit for my results driven program!!