Ask the Dietitian - Is the Sugar in Fruit Going to Make You Gain Weight?

I’m getting asked this a lot lately with the latest trend of no carb, no sugar, no flour, etc in our carb crazed society...

Now hear me out on this, if it works for you long-term, you go for it girlfriend! However, if you want to live life, enjoy some birthday cake, eat a daily apple or banana, enjoy some Mexican food or an occasional wine or margarita, keep on reading!

So, yes, there’s been a rise in education about sugar from all sorts of organizations and it is a major focus for me as a Registered Dietitian in my coaching program! The awareness of added sugars now being displayed on the new and improved food label has society someone confused and freaked out by even looking at whole fruit now! So let’s clear this whole “sugar” thing up!

First, there are 2 types of sugar. Natural sugars and those that are added to foods by the human consuming them (like tossing sugar in coffee) or by manufacturing companies making foods sweeter (Popular sports drinks, sugar added into condiments, donuts or cereals etc).

So how do you know what’s in your food?

Here’s a breakdown...

Sugar in fruit was made during the growing process naturally.

Sugar in soda was added during manufacturing.

Even though fruit has “sugar”, our body processes natural sugar better, plus the fruit is full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, photochemicals and antioxidants which makes it good for a number of reasons!

You’ll stay full longer. You’re body will process it for energy better. You’ll fuel your body with tons of nutrient dense goodness. Your body will thank you!

Debunking the food label...

Look for foods with less added sugars! Women should have no more than 25 grams per day, and men around 37. Food labels will all soon have the “added sugar” section under the total carb area to help you determine how much sugar in the food comes from a natural source or is added to the food.

Not saying you can never consume added sugars, but can you focus on less added sugars 85% of the time? I bet you can!

Here are a few types of added sugars you can also find on ingredient lists...


•brown sugar

•powdered sugar

•corn syrup


•malt syrup

•maple syrup


•granulated sugar


️So, how do you make a good decision?

Here’s a few questions you can ask yourself...

Is the sugar in this food mostly added sugars or natural found in fruits, veggies or dairy? Is the food I am eating providing me with more than just empty calories?Am I enjoying this food as part of a sensible well balanced lifestyle?

Sarah’s Food For Thought-if it came from the tree or ground, how could it be bad for you!!

After reading this, if you’re tired of searching google or Facebook and finding yourself even more confused, it’s ok girlfriend...I got you. Send me a personal message here