Bulletproof your mind, not your coffee

You may be sitting here thinking that this is a hate post about the recent fad for bullet proof coffee LOL. However, it’s totally not!!! My goal with today’s blog post, is to teach you where I start with every client, with M I N D S E T!

I want you to have a breakthrough. I want you to see that any goal, any dream, anything you want to accomplish really starts with bulletproofing your mind and getting a clear direction on where you’re going and what you want!! Sometimes this is difficult or dang near impossible to do alone!! So here’s a few tips that I share with my clients in their initial sessions! This should point you in the right direction to get started bullet proofing your mind, not your coffee!!

1. Write down your why...why do you want to lose 50 pounds? Why do you want to stop drinking so much coffee? Why do you want to save more money or pay off debt? Why do you want to start a college fund for your kids? What will these things do for you and what are you willing to do, and commit to, to get them! Also, on the flipside, what if these things do not happen? Your “why” will determine your action and I spend the majority of my first few sessions talking about this and digging into what someone really wants!

2. Divide and conquer! Next you’ll want to take a large and daunting goal, like losing 50 pounds, and break it down week by week and month by month into small achievable goals! This allows you to celebrate small wins and not be overwhelmed with the timeframe and to be more focused on daily actions to accomplish your large goal over time!

3. Expect setbacks! Let me just tell you right now you are going to go off the deep end and have pizza and cookies in one night. You are going to have ups and downs, you’re going to have weeks where the scale doesn’t move and you’re going to have days where you feel like you just can’t do it. Go into your plan knowing that setbacks are normal, but just like a child that falls off their bike, you will get back on! Your why will be strong enough to force you back on the seat and back into pedaling towards your goals!

4. Learn along the way! Be willing to adjust your plan to get to the goal, but never adjust the goal because the plan is not working!!! This is one part I love about being a registered dietitian is working individually with my clients to help them and guide them when the plan needs adjusting! You are not alone!!

5. Journal your thoughts, emotions and actions! Keeping a journal especially of food and fitness will keep you on track to your goals! You can also re-evaluate the good days and the not so great days and be able to learn along the way what works for you and what was a total flop! You can also share your journal with an accountability partner or like my clients share with me as their Registered Dietitian, nutrition coach and friend!

So there you have it, y’all! My top five tips to bulletproofing your mind, not your coffee! Now let’s focus on the next few weeks going into 2019 on how to have a chin up mentality to tackle your goals and make this year different!!

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