Cool Dietitian Aldi Finds & Reviews

Have you ever thought to yourself “Eating healthy is just so expensive!” “Every time I go on a diet, I spend so much money!”

I’m sure these things have crossed your mind at least once or twice. But have you ever checked how much a debit card swipe at Chick-fil-A or Starbucks costs you for one meal or drink?!

I do feel you when it comes to eating healthy and finding time to even prepare healthy meals! I work with a lot of women that live on a household budget. It doesn’t matter how much you make, a household budget is still important! When I first started really having success as an entrepreneur, I learned really quickly that I still needed a household budget in order to have college savings and to just live more frugally. That’s when I found Aldi!!!

It’s really just a cool place to go and walk around and see what’s new on a weekly basis but also I have found that I’m able to share very healthy finds with my clients to also help them save more money while getting healthy and investing in other services, like working with yours truly, personal trainer, life coach or heck even save enough money to hire a housekeeper!!! PS. My housekeeper has been one of my very best investments lol

Here’s some recent finds and product reviews that I wanted to share with you today on the blog!!

Plant based pasta! Omg, this is a definite Cool Dietitian fave! This plant-based pasta is full of protein and fiber and it has significantly less carbs than traditional pasta. You’ll stay full longer, you’ll enjoy the taste and you’ll get powerpacked nutrition. Plus, the Aldi price is about 50% less than most prices in health food stores or online!! Cha Ching!

Next up! Hummus singles! Hummus is a great way to get some healthy fats, proteins and fiber into your diet, but it can be calorie dense if you’re not careful. These small containers are perfect for grab and go options for all of you busy ladies! They are great additions to your lunch bag as well as your children’s. Pair them with chopped up celery, cucumbers, raw squash sticks or carrots and you have a perfectly balanced on the go snack!!

Last but not least for today’s blog, you’ll love these Aldi flatbreads! These are so versatile! Use them for wraps, make healthy baked chips or use for a reduced calorie/carb pizza crust! They are low calorie, reduced carb, and have fiber and protein!

Hope you enjoyed today’s blog! Send me a message with items you’d like me to review or find from Aldi next!! Message me here

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