Give the gift of good nutrition this Holiday Season and beyond...

Do you ever sit and ponder on setting up your children’s nutrition future? Do you ever think what can I do better as a parent? I’m always personally thinking about how I can set my children’s future up, whether it’s physically or financially!! I’m a mother of 2 (pictured below!) and even though on occasion, these two can be picky eaters, for the most part they would rather reach for strawberries than a cookie!!!

As their momma, and a Registered Dietitian, I want to make sure that they understand the importance of taking care of themselves to have better quality of health as they age.

So it’s very important to me when working with clients that have a family, that I make sure and talk about the entire family dynamic. Did you know that food preferences are set at a very young age based on what we, as parents, expose our children to? We have to be really careful what we introduce to our children as it sets their preferences for the rest of their life!

So here’s a few tips for helping your kiddos make great daily choices, but also a few neat stocking stuffer ideas for this holiday season!!!

1. Fill half your child’s plate with fruits and veggies! Go for fresh or frozen options and give them a good variety of choices. Sometimes if you have a picky eater, maybe offer them apples or grapes, but don’t ask them if they want a fruit! They may end up telling you “no, momma” LOL

2. If over the age of 1-2, it’s okay to switch to reduced fat dairy products. So go for a skim or 1% milk and consider a Greek yogurt without any added sugars. One of my personal faves, and Dasia’s, is Oikos Triple Zero!

3. This one is going to be a shock, but never force your children to “clean their plate“. Kids still have their intuitive eating principles intact, meaning they listen and understand when their body signals being full! Over time, if they are forced to clean their plate over and over and over, their body ends up not recognizing that signal! Then, sometimes we see overweight children, that turn into overweight teenagers, that turn into obese adults!

Bonus holiday tips for healthy stocking stuffer ideas!!

1. Fuzzy socks

2. Coloring books

3. Pretzel packs

4. Fresh fruit

5. Unsweetened apple sauce cups

6. Books

7. Fun toothbrushes (we love the ones you can press bottom and it flashes light to time the teeth brushing process!)

8. iTunes gift card (since Davian loves to use my paypal account lol)

9. Homemade fruit roll ups

10. BPA free water bottles

That’s all for today’s blog, y’all! Hope you enjoyed, learned something, and can use these tips to help set up your kids nutrition future the right way! As always, drop me a line, comment or question below!