I can relate

Hello y’all! My name is Sarah Hall and I am just like you. I am just like you because I have also struggled with food my entire life. I am just like you because I’ve felt out of shape and not worthy! I am just like you because I have over exercised and under nourished my body. I am just like you because I look in the mirror and point out what’s wrong with myself over my good qualities. I am just like you because I struggle with self confidence. I am just like you because I have been in your shoes if you have ever struggled with food and addiction, exercise or not exercising or any sort of confidence or self-worth issues!

Here’s my story...

I want to take you back to my childhood because really this is where it all started for me. My mom owned a restaurant growing up and she got diagnosed with type two diabetes when I was very young!

In fact, her whole side of the family had some form of diabetes and I became very interested at a young age in the concept of nutrition.

I also grew up an athlete. But I was the athlete that would gain about 15 pounds in the summer only to shred it in the school year during sports. I remember a crucial point in my high school career when we got a new coach and practices were very hard, we ran a lot but it really got me more into fitness because I built a lot of lean muscle and shredded some pounds. This too catapulted me into my thought process on going into the wellness field!

So in the year 2000, I enrolled in a wellness science program at a university in Arkansas. During this time I became obsessed with exercise. I would eat and exercise immediately after up to 3 to 4 times every day. I remember the work out...it was Billy blanks Tae Bo program! I would push play on that video 3 to 4 times a day! So like I said in the beginning, I can relate!

After four years, I got my bachelors of science in wellness science, did an internship at a corporate wellness program there and met a dietitian named Gina that truly impacted my life even though she may not know it to this day. She was very fit, she was very well spoken and her and her husband were a power couple in the wellness industry. I worked there for two years while attending graduate school to become a Registered Dietitian. I took a lap top with me and worked between classes and study sessions to support our financial needs. I commuted 2 hours a day.

In 2006, insert a surprise positive pregnancy test and baby number one for Wayne and I. We moved to another city and I was still in graduate school and a dietetic internship driving back and forth a four hour round trip to complete my program while Wayne started his coaching and teaching career. I remember long internship days and swollen feet finishing up to become a dietitian. Also insert a 67 pound weight gain during the pregnancy!

Fast forward a few months and a sweet 9 lbs and 8.6 oz baby boy, Davian, was born after 12 hours of labor and an emergency C-section. I nursed him for a whole year and the weight never fell off. I got back into at home workouts and was able to drop about 70 pounds with meal prep, exercise and making time for ME! A few years later, insert little miss Dasia, our second surprise lol. (You’d think we would have learned a lesson by now about these surprises ;))! I gained almost 50 lbs back with her, but at this point in my life in the year 2012 I was at a different point with my mindset in my fitness game! I ran until I was 32 weeks pregnant with her and started having early contractions and had to stop yet i still gained almost 50 pounds! Again, got back into workouts and tore my ACL. Imagine, turning 30, gaining 50 lbs and tearing ACL that put me in physical therapy for 6 months! What a setback, right?! We all have them. Yes, I can relate!!!

So let’s get up to the present time! The Sarah that you see today is not the Sarah even just a few years ago! My mindset is different, my abilities and skills sets are different, but at the end of the day, I just want you to know that I, too, can relate!!

I’ve now been a registered dietitian for almost 13 years! I have worked in all kinds of populations and can most certainly help you transition during any time in your life to building lifestyle changes that stick, but most importantly I can help you with the healthy mindset to achieve anything you want to accomplish in your life!

I'd love for you to me inside of my exclusive community so I can support you during your transformation! <3

Chat soon,