If You Think Brain Fog is Not Real, Think Again!

I used to think brain fog was NOT a real thing until the day I was sitting at my desk trying to remember my daughter’s birthday and it really took me a few seconds to get the date out of my mouth. I realized at that point, yes, brain fog is a very real thing because I can spit her birthday out immediately as I sit here and write this blog to you all right now...1/25/2012! I just love these smiling faces!

I’ll take you back to May 2019 when I felt like nothing I was doing was working! Excessive caffeine was still not preventing me from being a zombie every day, going home and taking a nap at 4:30 PM only to be messed up for the rest of the evening. My sleep schedule was off, my mood was off, the way that I communicated in friendships, to my husband and my kids was definitely impacted as well!

I shared in the last blog post “Tired & Wired” https://www.sarahdhall.com/post/tired-wiredabout some of the symptoms I was having that took me into the doctor to be told that my cortisol was elevated. Today, I am continuing the blog series on how I am in the process of correcting that within myself, but also in my hormone dysfunction clients. For me, the main thing was prioritizing sleep!!! I promise you, you’ll never understand the impact of sleep on your body until you start to feel the way that I felt or the way you may be feeling right now!!! Seriously, the number one way to fix most things in our life is to get more sleep.

Today, I’m gonna give you a few tips on how I started to take back control of my sleep patterns and resolve my brain fog 90% of the time LOL

First things first, I drastically reduced my caffeine. Now you must be careful with this and take a baseline of your current caffeine intake and start to make small adjustments back to a more recommended intake of 200 mg or so per day. This is about 2 cups of coffee or your energy product of choice. I would also suggest eliminating caffeine after 12 or 1 PM so your body can start naturally calming down later in the day, melatonin can rise and you can get restful sleep! There’s a huge difference between sleeping and actually getting restful sleep where your body recovers and you wake up the next day feeling rested and energetic.

Next thing, I started to focus on shutting my mind, my work and family things down at an earlier time so everyone could get to bed earlier. PS. My daughter will stay up half the night if I would allow her lol and she always wants to go to bed at the same time I do. So it’s actually helped her as well to do these things!!! I started to move bedtime routines up a little bit earlier, put my phone on do not disturb and focus on calming my body down to be able to actually go to bed without a spinning brain.

Third, I purchased a pair of blue light blocking glasses. It seems like this is becoming the trend now as a lot of my social media friends are now purchasing these, but I can tell you that artificial light and lights from our devices and phones have clinical studies that show increased cortisol stress levels and reduction in our bodies ability to quiet down at night. So I would definitely suggest investing in a pair of these to wear in the evening times to block this light that can be really impacting your body (I got mine on amazon!)

Lastly, I forced myself to realize that some things can actually wait till the next day, whether it’s the dishes or laundry or a conversation with a friend or a to do for my business. The world will not end if you have some self-care and get the rest that you deserve! In fact, you’ll make a greater impact on yourself, your family and your job or your business!!

This one action plan for better sleep really improved my quality of life and brain fog within about one week. Next blog post, we will talk alllll about switching over to more plant-based eating (not saying go vegan, don’t worry lol!!) and WHY it can help you!

Hit reply and let me know your thoughts, questions or struggles or connect with me on private messenger on any of my social platforms!