My Secret Recipe To Kickstart Weight Loss!

Hey yall!!!! My famous Cool Dietitian oatmeal has been getting a lot of buzz lately on the Internet and with my one-on-one clients who are all coming to me saying... “Wow, I feel amazing”, “Wow, I’m stayinf full for soooo long”, “Wow, my cravings are controlled!” “Wow, my digestion is so much better!” Alllll the feedback is just WOW, WoW, Woooowwww!

So I thought I would go ahead and share my secret recipe with you guys here and talk about why my clients are having such great results. Most of the time, women come to me initially suffering with low energy, cravings, hungry all the time, and just can’t get a handle on why they are not losing weight despite under eating and exercising.

I hear all the time, “I’ve tried everything and nothing is working!” First step is to work on correcting the metabolic deficit. Yes you heard me, most women come to me with a severely wrecked metabolism leading to the inability to lose weight and just overall feeling like crap. Can you relate?

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So let me share a personal story really fast...a few months ago, I started to transition into more plant-based eating for my own personal goals! I began to really create awareness about how my body felt when I ate certain food combos. For a while, I was eating a whole wheat English muffin, eggs, and turkey bacon for breakfast. This combo fit my macros and fit my calories, however, what I noticed was by 10 am, I was starving again. My energy was not there and I was searching for food.

So I decided to give oats a try! But not the just plain oatmeal that leaves you hungry in an hour! Nope! I wanted to put my “Cool Dietitian” swag on it and add some things that I knew I could get benefit from!!! So I played with it and tweaked the recipe until now we have my famous oatmeal that is getting everyone across the country results!!!! So here I am to share my secret recipe with you!!!

Love for you to try this out, tag me on your social media and share with me all the amazing results you have after you try this secret recipe!!

As always, all my recipes are typically under 5 to 7 ingredients and take less than 30 minutes to prepare! This particular recipe is about a five minute breakfast option! So, if you’re a busy mama, entrepreneur or career woman this is for you!!!

Under 5 Min Cool Dietitian Famous Oats

40 grams (1/2 cup dry) 100% whole oats

All the cinnamon your heart desires

16 grams PBFit powder

13 grams milled flaxseed

8 oz unsweetened almond milk

3 oz berries (I sometimes mix strawberries and blueberries as pictured!)

1 oz walnuts or pecans

100 grams liquid egg whites (makes the oats fluffy and adds more protein and I promise you won’t even know it’s in there!)

Mix oats, cinnamon, flax, pb powder, almond milk and egg whites. Microwave 3.5 min. Take out and stir. Add more almond milk if you’d like. Then measure berries and nuts and add as a topping!

* you can add more unsweetened almond milk and some stevia if you’d like


Stay full longer

Long lasting energy

Improved digestive health

Craving control


Full of cholesterol lowering fiber

Weight loss

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