The Dietitian Difference

Really reflecting on this time of year in my profession! It’s the time of year clients and friends ask me about all the fad diets, all the internet meal plans, all the packaged programs, all the “next big things” in the world of weight loss or nutrition and ask for my review. Yes, I’m a busy girl these days and I love what I do!!

So here’s why when seeking knowledge about nutrition, there really is only one nutrition expert that is recognized and that’s a Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist (RDN)!! Here’s why 👇🏽 🍎Tailored Approach to Diet-there are no cookie cutter approaches. Your food choices and plan should be tailored to your personal goals and medical history. Registered Dietitians provide support and a customized road to meeting your goals. 🍎Disease and Food Allergy Management-whether the client has high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, Celiac disease, digestive disorders or food allergies etc. an RDN can look at someone as a whole and prescribe a plan that fits their needs. 🍎Effective and Long-Term Weight Loss-Studies show working with an RDN increases weight loss chances as well as maintenance of the weight loss, once it’s achieved. This is accomplished via a safe and effective plan with ongoing monitoring and adjusting based on progress. 🍎Support and Motivation-Client empowerment is crucial. I enjoy celebrating successes and adapting, overcoming and solving problems together via one on one interaction!! Change is never easy and I can relate to a lot of people in a lot of ways and love to recognize problems and provide a solution to maximize results! xoxo, Sarah