Tired & Wired

It’s 9 PM, you’re laying in bed, your body feels a little tired. You’ve finished everything for the day and you’re winding yourself “down” by scrolling your phone.

You fall into the trap of messages, Facebook posts, emails, Instagram then you land over on Pinterest. Your eyes start to get more tired but your brain and your body start to feel wired. You know you need to get to sleep because 530 am comes early and you just can’t stop pushing the darn snooze button 5 times and then rushing to get out the door already feeling behind for the day.

You finally decide enough is enough, you put your phone down and close your eyes. It’s 11:30 pm

Bzzzzz bzzzzzz bzzzzzzz

Ugh it’s already time to get up?! You push snooze....your sleep cycle starts over, but 8-10 min is not enough. Snooze 5 more times. Omg, I’m gonna be late you tell yourself as you rush around to try to wake up, get lunch packed, get kids out the door and try to put yourself together before heading to work.

You start your day with 32 ounces of some sort of caffeinated beverage, you go on about your day not fueling yourself properly, eating a granola bar or fast food meal for breakfast and you’re like a dog chasing your tail the rest of the day. A few hours pass and you’re like a zombie at work, the 2 PM caffeine rush comes and you’re downing another 200 to 500 mg.

Yet you still don’t have enough energy when you get home to make a healthy dinner for your family, play with your kids or do homework.

Bedtime comes again. Tired and wired. And the cycle continues.

Is this you? Is even part of this resonating with you? It’s been me for months so i can relate!

As you guys know, I run a full-time virtual online nutrition clinic as well as in person clinic. I am also a mom and wife. Before that, I had other businesses that I was pouring my time and energy in to. And over the last year, I’ve honestly poured from an empty cup.

I kept going, over caffeinating myself, not sleeping, putting others first and doing things even when my mind and body needed to rest. Because of that, my workouts started to slip, my sleep definitely started to slip, I started to notice things in my body like swelling, food sensitivities, bad mood and being very snappy about things at work and home. I also became resistant to the things I was doing for energy to the point where nothing I was doing was working.

Most importantly, I didn’t feel like the happy go lucky Sarah! I was having to force myself to get through days and be the best version of me as a mom, wife and dietitian. My body even started to produce breast milk!! Now this has been happening off and on for years but over the past six months, it was a continuous 2 to 3 days out of the week where I would having to self express! Y’all, my daughter is 7... that should not be happening in my body.

I was also stuck with my personal fitness goals. I felt like my fat cells were swelling no matter what I did! I was constantly bloated and finally I gave in and saw a doctor.

She said....da da daaaaa. Your cortisol is elevated. Your circadian rhythm is off. You’re consuming too much caffeine which is making this problem worse. Your body is now producing prolactin which is causing you to produce milk. Basically, you’ve crashed and burned and now you’re going to have to reverse this.

Luckily, with over 13 years of experience as a registered dietitian and a lot of good tools and resources, over the past seven weeks I’ve been able to reverse quite a few of these symptoms. This is still a work in progress, this is probably going to be a 6 to 9 month process for me, but now I’ve started to identify these things in multiple clients and potential clients and correcting the process for them. Paying it forward.

Here’s my question for you. Is any part of your life like this? Do you feel constantly tired, but wired. Are you sleeping, but never feeling rested? Do you feel like your body is changing in the wrong way and you’ve tried it all and nothing is working?

If any of this resonates with you, this is going to be a multiple part series blog as I document my journey reducing my cortisol and getting my body, my mind, my emotions and my productivity back to the level of winning. I will also be sharing client stories as they do the same! I just enrolled 2 new clients to help them through this process as it takes strategy, structure and clinical expertise!

I would love for you to join me on this journey, learn from it and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. Shoot me a message here with your questions about hormones & cortisol