What you should be using to track your progress and it’s NOT the scale...

If you think the only way to define your progress is by the scale, think again. I’ve had multiple conversations with clients over the last few months about their weekly “WINS”.

PS. I LOVE to celebrate with clients; there is always something to be excited about!

However, in the beginning it’s hard for them to identify what a win would be in their personal health/wellness journey. I have to educate, inspire and motivate them to see that there truly are many wins outside of the scale.

I posted this on Instagram (www.instagram.com/TheCoolDietitian) earlier today and also wanted to share here for my email subscribers and blog readers to truly see that there is so much more to your health and fitness journey than just the scale.

So I’m gonna let you in on a little secret!!! Shhhh, come close!! Here’s one thing that I love to track with my clients: the SHMEC scale. I learned this from a very well-known doctor in the hormone space and I started utilizing it with my own clients and it really has changed the game for not only how they define their progress but how we alter their program for continuous results! You can’t be in a stagnant program and expect ongoing results. Your program has to be changed which is why I am always reassessing my “Extreme Metabolism Makeover Program” clients! So progress just keeps happening!!!

But let’s go back to this SHMEC scale because I want to teach you something epic today!






If one or more, or even all of those things are off, you are never going to see the progress that you want in your health and wellness, much less the scale. You’re always going to be hungry, you’re always going to be moody, you’re always going to be stressed and you’re always going to feel like you’re on a diet and deprived. And this, my friends, is how you set your metabolism into the gutter and yo-yo the rest of your life.

So here’s a few quick tips if you’re looking to stop the yo-yo and really build some habits that last a lifetime.

1. Start to find balance in your macros- carbs proteins and fats.

2. Log food for the next 7 to 10 days and create some awareness. If you’d like me to review this with you, hit reply and let me know or send me a DM on Facebook m.me/thesarahhall or Instagram (@thecooldietitian)

3. Pay attention to how much sleep you get every night as well as the quality of sleep. If you’re only getting six hours make it a point to reduce your caffeine intake after 12 or 1 PM and get yourself settled down to go to bed an hour earlier! You’ll thank me later!

These are usually the top three things that I begin to work on with my one-on-one clients. This is a little bit more difficult to do alone but you can start to create awareness and at least have your mind open to where some of your personal struggles are!

As always, if you would like to chat or have a question, hit reply to this email! If you’re an action taker and tired of the struggle alone, simply click the apply button below and let’s set up a free discovery call to talk more about your goals, your struggles and what I can do for you.