Hey, y’all! I’m a momma of 2 kiddos, born and raised in the south (hence, the accent) and went into the field of nutrition because my mom was diagnosed with diabetes when I was young, and I have personally struggled with my weight and eating habits my whole life! I’ve lost 70 lbs and have battled confidence and body positivity issues and I can help you do the same! I’m a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist and I’m here to help you stop the yo-yo and gain the confidence to take control of your future forever! 

So why should you join the community? Because it’s not your #basic group! It’s a community of women who vibe together, and inspire and motivate each other! We celebrate wins and the education and content found in the group cannot be found on google or Pinterest. It’s real quality, real value from me, your Registered Dietitian, ready to help you ditch the diet and build habits that last a lifetime, and enjoy yourself along the way!!