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Frequently asked questions

Will I get individual attention & coaching in EBM?

My program is a hybrid coaching environment which means you get 1:1 coaching, curriculum, and community/group components. This gives you the best of all learning environments so you can get faster business results.


You'll get to develop referral and collaborate partnerships as well as see first hand how a seven figure coach runs her own business and provides a high touch coaching environment so that you can duplicate it yourself!

There’s a Q&A thread daily so you can get your questions answered every single day of the week.


You can also ask for more detailed 1:1 feedback for content planning, business planning, troubleshooting sales etc via a private feedback form any day of the week as well!


You’ll also get all the step by step downloads, tools, and resources that you could ever need to have a done for you business plan and we will be working together privately on a one on one coaching roadmap the entire time we are working together.


This is not a low touch mastermind or just a group program where you get zero 1:1.

Do you do coaching calls?

I do all my own 1:1 and group coaching calls.


Levels 1 - 2 get a combination of chat and voice support via messenger and/or Voxer coaching app. My clients love this coaching app because you can talk for up to 15 minutes at a time, speed up the messages, send files, send texts, it’s very on demand, and it allows me to be available to clients every single day vs just once a month.


My clients get a coaching response within 24 business hours and usually 1 to 2 times in the same day. They are busy out making money and building their dream businesses and they don’t have time to be on multiple calls every single week or be bogged down with things to watch - they want on-demand, in the moment answers and I’m sure you do too! 


I don’t know any other coaching program that provides this level of support for the price investment. My clients love the hands-on nature of the program and they get to talk to me every day in one form or fashion and this is why they make the most money in the industry.


All levels of my program do get two live zooms each week that are Q&A round table style, so this is a more face-to-face environment as well. A la carte 1:1 calls are also available anytime.

I need help on social media content. Do you focus on one platform?

We will start with the platform you feel more confident and comfortable on!! For me personally, that was Facebook and I grew to six figures on Facebook before even starting Instagram. Once I was comfortable with that, I was able to go master a second platform and grow to 7+ figures! We will focus on this sort of transition with you as well and you can get weekly content reviews & strategic planning as well as insights & data review from myself as well as our persuasive writing and copywriting expert inside the program!!


I currently have clients running businesses on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok and a combination of all of the above. In my advanced coaching sessions and trainings I also have resources on launching a podcast and email marketing which we can work on together as well! It all depends on where you are in business and what I set out with you for your business plan.

I think I need a website. I know the development of a website is SO expensive. Do you help with that?

If you’re focusing on a social media platform for gaining clients, you do not need a website at least in the beginning!! I think this is something that’s great to invest in around the 5K month mark but before that it’s really unnecessary. 


If you have one, we will work with it and I can do a website review and audit and make sure that you’re on the right track with your marketing and sales copy from the beginning. Believe it or not, I have had several 8-10k month earners in my program that have never even had a website before they hit the 6 figure level! Wowzers! We also provide free resources & templates for sales tools so you don't need a website until you are ready to invest in one. 

I’ve worked with other coaches before or I’m currently looking at other programs, how is your program different?

That’s a simple answer! ME - I’m the difference! Maybe you already gathered that but I provide a very high touch relationship based coaching environment. My clients love me, I love them! We become friends during the process and we make a lot of money and impact together and I have a tribe that you’ll be so thankful to be a part of. 


The experience with me is so unique there’s nothing else like it. And you probably already got that vibe from me through our conversations, on social, or just from my brand in general. I lead with my heart! I put God and my family first and I will work harder for you than you may even work for yourself! That’s how serious I take this and this is so much more than a business transaction to me. 


That’s why my program is the BEST one for you. And let’s state the facts, I have 10 years of business wisdom and over 40 years of life wisdom to add value to your life. Combine that with a proven system that actually works to get results and testimonials all over the place, this is proof you need to partner with a mentor like me. 

I see you have a payment plans. I’m really nervous to invest but I’m hoping you have a plan that will work for me! 

We have multiple different payment options and once you submit your application and we make sure you’re a good fit, I will go over everything with you. We accept PayPal financing, Affirm (after pay program) and other forms of payment and we are willing to work with you on a payment plan that works best and make you feel comfortable in this getting started process! You can even do half now, half later & get the 10% off discount!

How much time do I get with you and are you the one that does 100% of your coaching?

I know this is a big concern in the coaching space because likely you’ve heard horror stories or been in a program where you felt like you were just a number and never got any access to the coach or what they told you they would do for you wasn’t what they actually did once you got in. No worries, in the EBM program you’re not going to have that experience! I do all of the business strategy, 1:1 coaching and on boarding etc. myself personally. I don’t use student teachers or co-coaches! 


And the most amazing part is you also have other disciplines at your fingertips on a weekly basis including mindset coaching and a persuasive copy/writing expert that reviews captions & makes edits and recommendations for you. The kicker to all of this is all of these disciplines are provided to you FREE of charge - I pay for them so you can have the best experience for one price of our program!

I’m not sure my husband/spouse/partner is going to support me making this investment (or maybe you’ve made a bad investment before and they are leery of supporting the next one).

I really do feel like this is a personal communication discussion that has to happen between the two of you. I think it’s really important to have open discussions about your goals and dreams that you want to accomplish and make sure that they are on the same page with you about that. And it’s often very important that maybe you let them look at the resources here on the website, my program video, or even my social media. I’m also happy to answer questions in the DM that your husband/spouse/partner may have.

How soon can I get started? Is your program open all the time?

Because of the one to one nature of this program, I do have to enroll certain start dates per month so this would definitely be something we will discuss in the DM and set an appointment to get you started. I try to make accommodations as fast as possible but realize we do book out several weeks in advance and sometimes people take spots three months out that they’ve scheduled - so we work on a first come, first serve basis.

How fast will I make my money back? 

I’ve had clients make their money back in as little as one week! I’ve had clients double their investment in one month! I’ve had other clients that took 60 to 90 days to make an ROI but after that you’re going to have a sustainable successful business rolling in a lot of money and consistent reliable income so you can become debt-free, take dream vacations, stop skimping on your life, be with your kids full-time, as well as quit your job if that’s on your dream board. Putting in a little money & time now to grow a lucrative, profitable business for the rest of your life is priceless. I’ve had clients in six months of working with me make $70-100k back. It’s definitely more than possible to have a huge ROI on the small investment

I’m really busy I work a full-time job and I have kids how can I make this work for me?

I’m sure you have a minimum of five extra hours per week right? If you have five hours minimum per week, I can show you how to make a lot of money with my systems. I started my biz when my kids were 3-8 and over half my clients are moms. You can do it with the right strategy, support & systems. We are all doing it, you can, too!

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