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"Working with Sarah gave me the clarity I sought as a new RD entrepreneur!


I came in confused, and left with a higher purpose and vision. Off-the-bat, there were actionable takeaways and systems that I could implement to streamline and enhance my client onboarding experience.


Not only did I learn more about social and marketing strategies throughout our time together, but my mindset and confidence leveled up!!! There are no regrets - the investment was worth the experience and knowledge gained."

Sarah Hall | Business Mentor
Sarah Hall | Business Mentor


"My business had been stuck for a few months and I was trying things that had worked in the past to grow my business, but they just weren’t working anymore. I was honestly ready to give up on my private practice. I needed a new approach and that’s exactly what Sarah provided.

I had worked with other business coaches before but their “salesy” techniques made me uncomfortable; it felt like each client was just dollar signs rather than a person who needed a quality service. Sarah’s technique is the complete opposite of anything I’ve ever seen and I think that’s why it’s worked so well for me.

Not only has my business quadrupled in size, but I make better quality connections with people and clients, rather than being so desperate to make the sale all the time. I love how real, caring, and passionate Sarah is about each of her clients, but also her clients’ clients!

I truly am a better dietitian and coach now thanks to Sarah. If you’re hesitant to make the investment in your business, remember that each level of business requires new methods and techniques and you might as well learn them from someone who has been there.

Getting outside help is often times the best investment you will ever make in yourself. There are people out there who need you and your expertise and Sarah will help you not only find them, but help them to the best of your ability! Thank you for changing my business and my life, Sarah!!"


I connected with Sarah in 2020 on Instagram. But, it wasn’t until March 2022 that I decided I was ready to invest in a coach. In all honesty, I have a marketing degree, so I didn’t think I actually needed a coach. I spent so much time and energy in my business focusing on what other colleagues were doing that my revenue was pretty stagnant. I knew I needed to change something in order to reach my business and professional goals.


In less than 6 months, I have been able to build better connections with my ideal clients, build a program, and sign on PIF clients regularly. Sarah has truly motivated and inspires me to simply show up and not try to copy what other dietitians are doing in this space. Every time a client tells me that they decided to work with me because of my “vibe” it truly makes my day because I know they have so many options these days.


I appreciate Sarah for always taking the time to listen to what my goals are in my business, but also keeping it real when I try to take on too much.

Sarah Hall | Business Mentor

"My first 2 months working with Sarah so far have been nothing but encouraging. Encouraging that I can actually run a successful business as a woman entrepreneur and feel confident in my abilities to do just that.

She is always very supportive and is constantly providing her clients with knowledge and power! The community of like-minded women bosses has also been extremely helpful in being able to identify with others' struggles and not feeling alone in this endeavor.

Sarah's energy is infectious and her ability to truly be her most authentic self in-person and on social media is something that I am striving for as well. I am eager and excited to see what the next 4 months is going to produce because this has been such a fulfilling and energy-boosting journey so far and I'm definitely not stopping anytime soon (nor would Sarah let me)!"


Sarah Hall | Business Mentor
Sarah Hall | Business Mentor


"Working with Sarah has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my business! I went from being confused about sales and what to say to being confident within just one week.

I’ve started getting so many more clients and potential clients because now I know how to talk to them and what to say to really form a real relationship and gain their trust!

I can tell Sarah really cares and she makes me feel like I matter and my success matters to her. She has so many incredible insights that have helped not only my mindset but my day to day work and strategy. I would 100% recommend anyone who wants to start or grow and scale their business invest in working with her!"

"I’ve been working with Sarah for a while now and I love it! She is so attentive and she is always there when I need her the most which is what anyone would want in a business coach! Her support and accountability are everything! It’s crazy how she knows every single person in her program and makes you feel so welcomed!

I always felt weird selling online and what I love about her is that she teaches you how to prioritize connections and people first and then the sell comes! Which is definitely more my vibe! Plus I love that she truly helps you create your program the way that you want it, so you can truly make it your own! And the best part, in one year my business grew 323%!"


Sarah Hall | Business Mentor
Sarah Hall | Business Mentor

"Signing up to work with Sarah was the best decision I have ever made when it comes to my business!

Before working with her, I had no idea where to even begin. In the first two weeks of working with her, I learned how to narrow my niche, effectively sell to my ideal client, promote my program on social media in a way that generates leads, and so much more!

All of the information I am learning in her program is so invaluable, and she is helping me get the results I set to achieve in only 3 months of working with her! I am incredibly thankful to be able to learn from someone with such a wealth of knowledge in this field but who also gets to know me on a personal level. I can never thank her enough for all that she has done!"



"I was ready to have my own business after feeling like I outgrew my first dietitian job. I am a single mom to a 6-year-old and I wanted to be able to make my own schedule. I didn't want to miss out on any more of my daughter's life.

I was a little nervous about starting the journey but I also knew that this was the only way to create the life that I wanted so I jumped in with 2 feet.

Sarah Hall | Business Mentor

From Sarah's guidance I have learned how to manage my schedule, attract my ideal client, close sales calls over the phone, leverage my time, and more than double my income in just a short time period. It has been completely life-changing. I chose to work with Sarah specifically because I found her to be very warm and motivating. She always has an answer and solution to everything. I actually can't even believe how easy it is to run an online business. The stress in my life when it comes to work and money is gone. If you're on the fence about starting this process, I can't recommend enough to just go for it. Your investments will pay off immensely."

Sarah Hall | Business Mentor


"Before working with Sarah I was putting so much time and effort into my business, but I wasn’t seeing the growth in return.


I did a launch that ended in zero new clients and thought it would never happen for me. That’s when I reached out to Sarah because I knew there had to be a better way to do things.

And I’m literally SO thankful that I did. I implemented some small tweaks immediately that allowed me to quadruple my revenue in one month.


By continuing to follow her method and taking messy action I hit my first 10k month the following month and launched evergreen group coaching the month after that. I finally felt like I was seeing my hard work pay off and helping more clients than I could have imagined.


The biggest changes for me came from my social media strategy and my sales strategy. I spend way less time planning posts than before but get significantly more applications to my program on a regular basis. And I am extremely confident on sales calls now because of Sarah.


I love her supportive but direct style and trust that she will always keep it real and truly wants to see me succeed. If you’re on the fence about working with Sarah.. don’t listen to that fear. If you put in the work and implement her methods you WILL succeed and it will be the best feeling in the world."

Before starting with Sarah, I was super hesitant to invest in a business coach.

I'm a full-time stay-at-home mom of 3, running a private practice in the late evenings and weekends. I was worried I wouldn't have enough time to participate in the program or apply what I was going to learn.

Now I'm 3 months into the program. My time is still limited - however - after applying some of the basic principles she teaches in her program, I've been able to almost double my revenue, plus have started a group program because I was running out of space for 1:1 clients.

The two biggest takeaways that have really helped me grow my business are (1) how to talk to people on social media and (2) how to structure my program and prices.

I've barely scratched the surface when it comes to applying everything I've learned in the program, but I'm excited to see how my practice continues to grow. I highly recommend Sarah if you're ready to grow your online practice over social media!


Sarah Hall | Business Mentor
Sarah Hall | Business Mentor


"I decided to hire Sarah because I wanted to create a life where I dictated my work/life balance. I was feeling like that was never going to happen because I was creating programs for others not my own business.

Working with Sarah given me a blueprint for success. I did not have to create a daily operation for my business growth. It was already done, all I had to do was show up and execute it.

I chose Sarah because I like her energy and her ability to think outside the box. I trust her, I know that my questions will be answered and she has my best interest at heart. I would tell anyone who is considering hiring Sarah as a coach to do it. I wish I would have done it sooner.

I quit my contracting gig after one month of working with Sarah and my business is exploding!  I would tell those looking to grow a business like mine to know that you will make mistakes and realize that those mistakes lead to greater success in the long run. Everything we do daily to build our business makes us better, stronger and more resilient.  Show up daily, have fun, be honest with everyone and genuinely care about those you have the pleasure of helping. Life is all about connections and how we use the opportunities put in front of us."


"I was with another coach prior to joining Sarah and after 3 months I became stuck. The cookie-cutter process the other coach taught me no longer was working. I saw that all my other colleagues were joining Sarah's coaching platform and after discussing with many of them, I decided to reach out to Sarah.  What I found with her, is that she is a genuine person with a heart. Other coaches were ruthless and impersonal. 

Sarah Hall | Business Mentor

My past coach told me "I was wasting her time" on a call and that is what catapulted me to end the relationship.  After I had a call with Sarah I knew I needed her help.  I immediately signed up for individual 1:1 coaching with her!

Three benefits I experienced while with Sarah: I had my largest month at 6k income as a less than 1-year-old business. Sarah taught me to nurture relationships and I continually gained clients and followers on my IG account. My followers often express how valuable I am to them. Sarah was instrumental in helping me with a business plan. I needed someone to look from the outside to tell me the path to take. And this is where Sarah excels. Since she builds her own business, she is very experienced in laying out strategies. I chose to work with Sarah because of her value for human relationships.  She understands that business is more about the people and not about the money.  Never once was she too busy for me or talked down to me. She listened and provided insight on so many things I struggled with. Whereas other coaches would have said, "go back and watch Module ___."  Sarah is one of the kindest most giving individuals I've ever met.


If someone is on the fence about working with Sarah, all they have to do is reach out to anyone that is in her circle of clients.  It does not matter whom you talk to, each person will say these same words. Sarah is 100% of who she is each and every day. She does not change her stance for anyone and she lives true to her values. My one piece of advice to anyone looking to start a private practice?  You can do this alone but it will be very hard.  Having a coach like Sarah increased my revenue quickly and put systems into place so that I could work fewer hours, have less stress and enjoy my life.  Time is the most valuable asset to us as humans. Why waste your valuable time trying to figure it out alone when you can hire an expert like Sarah....and let's be real here.  It is JUST money. You can always make more...invest in your business now before you're ready to give up."

For years I wanted to start my own business but was paralyzed with fear and self-doubt. Then I came across Sarah and knew I had to invest in her coaching, and in myself. Sarah helped me build my business from the ground up while working full-time and raising 2 toddlers. In less than a year, my business was thriving, and I was able to quit my clinical job!

Sarah is the best coach out there. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge, but she is also the most genuine person you’ll ever meet. She makes me feel like I’m her only client, and she truly cares so much about me personally and professionally.

Sarah has helped me to make more money while working less. She’s helped me get back valuable time with my family. She’s helped me build my confidence and strengthen my mindset. She’s helped me to build and serve a community that I am so proud of. I say to myself all the time “I can’t even believe this is my life now!” It’s just unbelievable. Sarah has changed my whole life and I am so grateful to her!


Sarah Hall | Business Mentor


"Before starting to work with Sarah, I didn't know if I would ever be able to make nutrition coaching a full-time job. Investing in Sarah's program wasn't just what I needed for my business, but it was what I needed to do for myself.

Sarah has not only supported me with building a successful online business but helped me become more confident in myself and my coaching abilities and live life on my own terms."

Sarah Hall | Business Mentor
Sarah Hall | Business Mentor


"Sarah and I "met" a week before NYC shut down for Covid-19. I was in the transition of leaving my current job, having another offer rescinded, and basically having no way to support myself in the middle of an uncertain pandemic. Instead of hoping and wishing things would work out, I had to figure out this whole business thing and had to figure it out FAST.

After a few conversations with Sarah, I knew she was the person I needed to launch my idea (and dream) into a reality. Unlike other business coaches, I felt heard, supported, and valued with Sarah - I wasn't just a number. She's been with me since I signed my first to now 30th client and I am now on track to quadruple my income in just my second year of business. I also moved across the country and was able to take my business with me without fearing an unknown job market or choosing an apartment based on a job location.


If you are on the fence about signing up with Sarah, I get it. I was too. But as dietitians and other health professionals, we are missing important business skills needed to run and grow a thriving business. And let's be honest, who doesn't want the freedom to create something that is yours, work your own hours and be there for the important moments in life without a regular job holding you back?"



"Deciding to invest in Sarah as a business coach has been one of the best investments I have ever made. I came into the program feeling overwhelmed, unorganized and was basically stumbling through the process.

After just one week of onboarding, Sarah helped me form a business plan, set my pricing and feel confident reaching out to potential clients. What I love most about working with Sarah is that I know I’m not getting some cookie cutter program. Sarah really focuses on the individualized needs of her clients and that’s what makes her different."

Sarah Hall | Business Mentor
Sarah Hall | Business Mentor


"I started my business in July and felt like I wasn’t catching on to social and how to engage followers to become clients. I heard about Sarah and she was so receptive to my goals and so confident that her program could offer that. She was right! I talked to numerous of her clients and they all spoke volumes of her and what she did. So I took the leap and I couldn’t be more grateful.

She supported me in tripling my business in two months. She heard me and helped me work through challenges and grow my business. She’s honest but caring. You absolutely have to do the work but if you’re ready to do the work, working with Sarah will take you to that next level. If you are on the fence, talk to me or another client about experiences and really think about what do you need to support your business. If that is support, strategy, social media content review and critique or time-saving approach to balancing life and a growing business, Sarah is your coach."

"Working with Sarah was really helpful in getting the relationship piece down that I needed with leads and current clients. Before working with Sarah, I had a really high no-show rate for discovery calls and poor client retention.


After working with Sarah, my show rate for discovery calls is almost 100% & I've been able to retain a higher percentage of clients. On top of that, I feel like improving on the relationship piece with my clients has led to higher client satisfaction, better community in my groups, better outcomes & overall gives me a greater sense of peace around my business because I can see my clients are happy. I would highly recommend working with Sarah!"


Sarah Hall | Business Mentor

Working with Sarah has increased not only my income, but my competence in coaching, my confidence in sales and in myself over all.

I had one client when I started working with Sarah and now have several and will start working on a group program this summer! I'm beyond happy to have made an investment in myself by working with her. I am enrolled in her group level of coaching and she offers more support, guidance, openess, and transformation than I had when working with a coach 1:1.

I will forever be grateful and proud that I took the opportunity to work with Sarah Hall.


Sarah Hall | Business Mentor


I’ve been working with Sarah for about 2 years and it’s been a game-changer for the growth of my business. The level of support and guidance she provides is unlike any other business coaching program out there.


She takes the time to get to know all of her clients and truly cares about us and our success. Since working with Sarah, I’m making more monthly revenue than I ever thought possible, and business systems are in place so I’m working less hours. If you are willing to work hard, put yourself out there, and follow her guidance, you’ll earn your investment back and then some. It’s a no brainer to join her program.

Sarah Hall | Business Mentor
Sarah Hall | Business Mentor


Sarah has helped me create systems and structure in my business which has allowed me to focus more on my clients and helping them succeed. She has also helped me double my monthly income without having to be on a ton of discovery calls!

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